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First and Foremost...we're fans. Just like you. We recognized a disconnect and aimed to do something about it. For those who love or want to love sports, but need to know more?


We're a...sports education site dedicated to teaching the basics about sports.  We make learning informative, fun and provide the fundamentals of sports in an engaging way.  Not everyone learns the same, but that doesn't mean that sports are hard to learn - far from it.

Cleatsheet aims to provide sports to the masses, so whether your reasons are:

  • parental learner

    • needs to learn a sport because of their child's participation

  • business learner

    • trying to master a sport from a business networking perspective

  • social learner

    • learning sports for a social or cultural reason

  • refresh learner

    • have some knowledge about sports but want to refresh that knowledge


...then Cleatsheet is right for you. 

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