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The Fan Zone: DIY Football Wreath

Hey there!

It’s time for football! Preseason games have already begun and I know you’re ready for the football season. You have your jerseys lined up for each game and your local hot wing place on speed dial.

You are ready, right?

No? Have no fear. If the inside of your home isn’t football ready, just work on the outside of your home so that your neighbors don’t know that you aren’t ready just yet. How do you work on the outside of your house in a subtle way? A football wreath.

I know, I know. People say that wreaths are hard and they take a lot of time and tools, right?

Wrong! You can spend a few bucks and spend less than an hour creating a really pretty wreath for your front door. Everyone passing by will know that your home is a football ready home. You can show your team spirit or you can just show that you are a football watching household.

You can pick up everything for your project at your local craft store. Styrofoam wreath forms, colorful tulle and football decorations are all that you need.

I picked up a 14” foam wreath form at a craft store for about $5. You can find smaller ones but I wanted plenty of room to decorate my wreath. The tulle comes in tubes or bolts like fabric. It’s easier to work with tubes of tulle but bolts are cheaper and I tend to like the stiffness of tulle on bolts a bit more. Also, depending on the colors that you need, you may have to use bolts of tulle over tubes of tulle. I used a mixture of both but you use what’s easiest for you.

My tulle tubes have 6 yards of tulle on them. I cut them into 24” pieces. That gives you about 8” of “fluff” after you loop it and trim it later. I used an equal number of black and red pieces and added a few loops of white pieces of tulle.

Looping the tulle around the foam wreath form sounds hard but it’s not. You just loop and tie several pieces of tulle to the wreath form. I ended up using 2 ½ tubes of red tulle and 2 ½ yards of black tulle netting.

The looping is the most time consuming part of your project. You keep looping and then just scrunch all the loops together. You just loop, scrunch and repeat.

Once you finish all of the looping, trim up the fluffy loops and you’ll end up with a very cute wreath. Depending on the colors that you used, you can represent any team that you’d like. I personally like the black, red and white but feel free to use any colors that you’d like.

After I finished the wreath itself, I made embellishments to add to it. I created a banner with my city and a glittery football for the corner. You can create pennants or team mascots to go on your wreath as well.

Once you put this bad boy on your door everyone in your neighborhood will not only know that you are ready for the upcoming football season but they will also know how crafty you are!

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