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The Fan Zone - College Basketball Hall of Fame

(Photo credit - National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame)

Did you get caught up in all of the March Madness, madness? Did you watch all of the games or just the ones in your bracket? And, how did your bracket go? If you’re like me, not very well. But I still had a lot of fun.

Collegiate basketball is over. There is professional basketball but if you still want more college basketball and you’re in the Kansas City, Missouri, you can always take a stroll with your family through the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

The National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame was created in 2006 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches to go hand in hand with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. That November the NABC honored about 180 coaches, players and other contributors to the game. Bill Russell, James Naismith and John Wooten were among that first class.

Now, I call it a museum but the website says it “is a high-energy, interactive facility where fans can immerse themselves in the game”. There is a lot of history inside but a lot of fun activities that help you understand the game and “experience college basketball like never before”.

(Photo credit - National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame)

The Hall of Fame boasts players, coaches, contributors and teams far beyond that first group in 2006 that have made college basketball great. The 2019 inductees lists highlight 9 of the greats including Larry Johnson, Todd Lichti, Homer Drew and Calvert Cheany.

Inside the museum, there is an enormous area called the Gallery of Honor. It highlights coaches and players that have graced the collegiate sport. There is also a mentors circle where prominent coaches talk about their mentors and their influence on them.

(Photo credit - National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame)

Beat The Clock, Center Court and The Kids Court are a few of the areas where interactive fun begins. You can practice your skills on the court, make the game winning shot or challenge your friends to a side by side shooting contest. The kiddos (ages 2-9) can play in an area that is just their size and adult kiddos can try their hand at color commentary and sports announcing from a sports desk modeled after the ESPNU desk.

The College Basketball Experience is the perfect place for a sports fan to visit, cut loose with friends and family or event host a birthday party or other event. The entry fee is very reasonable at $15 for adults and $12 for youth ($11 for seniors and active military). Kids 3 and under are free.

(Photo credit - National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame)

If you don’t live in the area but want to give a gift to someone that lives in the area or plans to visit the area, they have gift cards available. And, they have an online store with really cute t-shirts for men and women.

If this doesn’t help, well, you can watch the NBA. And you could just pretend that those guys are still in college.

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