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Football Brunch With The Squad

Hey there!

Honestly, I will find just about any reason to have a brunch gathering. There is something about quiche and sandwiches that make adult beverages at 11 a.m. socially acceptable. And anything that allows for me and my girls to giggle and gab is a great reason to get together.

Well, football season is upon us and that is just as good a reason as any to pull a brunch together. It doesn’t have to be hard either. You can just add a few take out menu items, beverages of your choice and send a text to your girls. Have everyone bring a dish! It really is that easy.

I like to focus on the food so when it comes to party decorations, I take the easy way out. That means I run to my local party store or dollar store and pickup as many inexpensive decorations as I can find. The decorations that I can’t find, I either do without or make them myself.

My entire table is made up of quick and easy pickup items that I found for under $12. Yep, 12 bucks! Plates, cups, utensils and napkins are relatively cheap and can be found everywhere. Don’t focus on footballs or team logos. Instead, pickup napkins in your team colors. I also added a football tray and a referee tray that I found for under $3 each. These can be easily saved to use every year.

If you decide to go a bit fancier and do a touch of DIY, google some football party templates (or design your own) and slap them on some galvanized buckets and you have the cutest place for napkins! I chose yellow and red flags to match the flags that are used on the football field.

You can also run to your local craft store and get a sheet of striped paper, cut it down and fit them over water bottles. Yep, little referees! You don’t live near a craft store? Then take a black marker and some copier paper and make your own stripes.

I decided to pull out some white craft paint and add lines to brown cups. Tada! Little football cups. Just make sure you remind your guests to drink for the side of the cup that is NOT painted on. I used paint that isn’t toxic but I still wouldn’t want to taste it!

All that’s left to do is pick up some finger foods from your local grocery store or brunch place. I picked up croissants from the grocery store and made tuna salad and chicken salad. I also ordered some mini quiches, muffins and scones from a restaurant nearby. One friend brought a fruit salad and another made cream cheese parfaits.

I let friends bring their favorite beverages. I provided water and juices. Then I put on the television (you can turn the sound down if you don’t actually want to watch the game) and let the party begin. We gabbed for hours!

Football brunch doesn’t have to be hard! It’s just a meal between breakfast and lunch that you invite your good friends too! Just add a football and you’re all set!

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