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The Fan Zone - Holiday Gifts For Your Fan

Hey there!

It’s time to think about holiday gifts! If you are wondering what to get for the sports fan in your life, let the Fan Zone give you a few ideas!

I always start off with the easy gift ideas. Many of your local big box stores and sports stores have fan zones of their own. You can pick up a jersey or sweatshirt representing your sports fan’s favorite team. Right now so many stores are having great sales so you could knock out several gifts right there!

If you aren’t sure what size to get or aren’t looking to give apparel, stop by the tables in the front of the store. You can find team glasses or mugs or socks in the fan accessory area. One of my local stores even had house slippers, teddy bears and shoes. You can pick one thing or several things and make a gift basket.

I know a lot of quirky fans in my life and they would appreciate little sports trinkets to go along with their other gifts. If you are planning on giving someone, let’s say, a team jersey, you can also add a fun game or holiday tree ornament.

Maybe you want something different for your sports fan. You don’t want to get them what everyone else is getting. Then consider getting them a coffee table book. It could be on their favorite team or a motivational book from their favorite coach or player. A lot of fans enjoy finding out the history of their favorite team or player as much as watching the game itself.

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Everyone is creating subscription boxes. There are subscription boxes for all types of fans. There are team boxes, specific sports boxes and sports collector boxes. You name it, there is a subscription box for it.

We mentioned a few weeks ago about taking a tour of the Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium. There are hundreds of Major and Minor league, American and National league, and indoor and outdoor sporting venues. While you might not think a tour of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York would be fun, your sports fan is probably going to love it. It’s a gift that they probably wouldn’t think to get for themselves. Different sporting venue tours range from free or suggested donation - $30 or so dollars.

And, if you have a super fan or you really want to go big, tickets to a game or event is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter what sports fan you give tickets to, you are going to hit a home run! And, don’t think that you have to spend a bundle of cash. Often you can find preseason games or special fan events that have a cheaper ticket but still a lot of fun for a true fan.

Don’t get stuck when it comes to getting gifts for your sports fan. Try one of more of these great gift ideas.

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