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The Fan Zone - Dressing Up Your Drinking Glasses

Hey there!

I’m always looking for cute sporty ideas. A few weeks ago I was at an event and I sat my drink glass down for a moment. When I went to pick it back up, I realized there were 2 similar glasses right next to it. I had no idea which one was mine and I certainly didn’t want to sip after someone else.

I instantly wished I had a way to differentiate my glass because I was thirsty and didn’t want to go back for another drink.

The next day I ran to my local craft store and picked up some items. I decided that anyone having a drink in my home would have a wine glass with special jewels or a beer mug that had special adornments on it. They would never confuse their drink with someone else’s!

I picked up clear sports stickers, clear backing decals, sports charms and stemware hoops. I had a general idea of what I wanted on my drinking glasses. I did a thorough search of Pinterest and the craft store has so much stuff! You’ll get ideas just walking through the aisles.

I also picked up some wine glasses and beer mugs to decorate. You can find inexpensive glasses at your dollar store, big box store or even the thrift store. Just make sure that whichever glass you pick up, wash it well, let it dry and then make sure that you don’t get any oils from your hands on them. The oils from your hands will prevent the stickers from sticking.

The sports charms that I picked up were the same ones that I got when I created my sports jewelry. Craft stores seem to have a great variety of sports charms but if you aren’t near a craft store, you can order some pretty inexpensive ones online.

I chose a variety of stickers. It’s important that stickers have a clear backing. The planner stickers with white edges aren’t going to look as nice as the clear edged ones. They also don’t bend as easily around the curves of the glass. These larger stickers with gemstones were perfect for my beer mug. There is a nice sized surface for them on the mug.

Creating the wine glass stem jewelry is so easy. You take your stemware hoop, open it up, slip your charm on the hoop and attach it to your wine glass. That’s it. So easy and you’ll never accidentally sip on someone else’s wine again.If you’re having a party pick up a pack of inexpensive glasses or mugs and have fun decorating them. It’s not expensive and takes almost no time at all. If you aren’t planning a party but want to jazz up your own glasses, do it! You’ll never want to drink out of a plan glass again!

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